Online Courses

RYA Interactive is now providing a small number of short courses “on-line” for those who prefer or are unable to attend regular classroom based courses.
Preston Training Centre supports this exciting new initiative and is pleased to offer this option to our students.

Whilst this new medium is a useful new learning tool it is not suitable for all forms of RYA training.
On-line and distance learning lack the benefit and opportunity provided through “face to face” interaction with the instructor and other students.
No doubt this medium wil grow over the years but we anticipate that the role of personal instruction for the more complex subjects will continue for many years.
Nontheless we can provide support for students who need to study at home so if you have any questions please call Greg on 07765 250000.

Booking on-line courses through Preston Training Centre is a simple process:

1. Go to the ‘Register Button’ on the main in menu.

2. Select the on-line course you wish to enrol for.

3. We will email an invoice for the course cost, with bank details for on-line payment (or you can send a cheque).

4. Once payment is received we’ll post the course materials, and enrol you onto the website.

5. Once youĂ­re enrolled with RYA interactive you can start your course.